1. Selection Consulting Service

We offer vacuum Pump selection consulting service. Whether it is for replacement of old pumps, development of new projects, or other industrial usages, we consider your applications, requirements, budget and other various aspects, and provide you solutions with professional explanations.


2. Manufacturing/ Maintenance/ Repair History Management

As a professional vacuum pump manufacturer, our vacuum pumps must pass strict quality checks and are detailed-recorded during production. As long as the pump serial number is provided, we will be able to trace the Manufacturing/ Maintenance/ Repair History from the system, and accurately provide you with the required spare parts or arrange maintenance.


3. Guidance on operating

The user's way of operating the vacuum pump, piping design, maintenance arrangements are factors which affect vacuum pump performance and life. It is important that the user have right pump knowledge. We give professional guidance to ensure the performance of our products.

4. Maintenance/ Repair service

We offer complete supply of spare parts. If you need maintenance or repair service, according to actual situation, you can contact us for maintenance service, or send it back to our factory, or follow the manual instructions.


5. Online Messaging Service

As mobile devices become the latest trend, people's communication methods are no longer limited to voice calls and e-mails. We offer LINE@ online message channel, allowing you to send messages, pictures, videos more instant and conveniently.