Oil ring vacuum pumps

●Principle of operation
Oil Ring Vacuum Pumps was designed based on the liquid- sealed piston principle, and had a different structure from the ordinary oil-sealed sliding vane vacuum pumps. Since the sliding vane of ordinary pumps constantly wear with cylinder and rotor, so a good circulating oil to lubricate is needed. The extracted gas contained vapors will fail the lubricating effect and cause serious damage to the oil-sealed vacuum pumps.

The internal parts of oil-ring type did not wear with cylinder and rotor, so the circulating oil can operate no need concern the lubricating effect. The internal circulating oil is not for lubricating purpose, but for sealing gaps among the parts, and an interaction between the multi-bladed impeller and the liquid piston of eccentric rotor to obtain the effect of vacuum extraction. Therefore, the service life of oil-ring type were not affected, even the extracted gas contained a large volume of water vapor. So the service life of oil-ring type is longer than ordinary one.

1. All-in-one, simple installation: integrated oil tank, heat radiator and control panel.
2.Automatic control system provided protection against pump overheat, motor overload and exceeded oil level.
3.Long machine service life. The usage hours of circulating oil is double times more than the other vacuum pumps.
4.Totally sealed pipeline design, clean operation, and without environmental pollution.
5.With built-in high efficient oil mist filters, and the oil mist was filtered out 99.9%.
6.An Inlet vacuum check valve with stainless filter screen prevented the backflow of vacuum oil.
7.The ultimate vacuum of single pump was 3 Torr, and series connected mechanical booster pump reached to 10-2 Torr and pumping speed is increased.
8.A large removable oil sight glasses is easy to check the oil level and clean the circulating oil reservoir.

Vacuum forming, Medical vacuum system, Vacuum heat press, Vacuum vulcanized heat press, Vacuum drying, Vacuum degassing, Vacuum impregnating, vacuum chucking and other decompress purposes.